How to cancel Picsart Gold Subscription?

How to cancel Picsart Gold Subscription?

Picsart is all about supercharging your creativity and editing skills. Edit photos and videos, generate AI content, and correct your appearance in your visual content. Give a text-based description and get something special visually in return. You can further boost your experience with the Picsart Gold Subscription. 

Are you out of budget to pay the subscription charges? Don’t worry because you can cancel the subscription anytime. Don’t you know How to cancel Picsart Gold Subscription? It’s so simple; you need to follow the comprehensive guidelines mentioned below to unsubscribe from the Picsart Gold Version. 

How to cancel Picsart Gold Subscription?

What Is Picsart Gold Subscription?

Picsart is a famous editing application that requires you to turn your images into digital art. It features AI-based features to automate your editing powers. You just need to explore the application and look for the required options. Additionally, the platform lets you work on the pictures and videos simultaneously. You can expand the aspect ratio of your images and videos, change and replace the background, and correct the lighting effects. You can use thousands of filters, templates, effects, and more content just according to your content. 

Picsart offers premium content, including fonts, stickers, transition designs, and AI smart tools. However, the premium features limit you from using them on your images and videos because the pro features are only for those who buy the Picsart Gold Subscription. Indeed, the premium subscription upgrades your editing skills with automatic features. You can generate an image by just providing a text-based description. In short, the premium version expands your experience with additional features, controls, and functions.

What’s unique in the Picsart Gold Subscription?

The gold version gives you smooth access to the AI-based tools to generate everything on your demand. You can also fast-edit your image and video with just a single touch. You can remove or replace the background, remove the irrelevant objects, enhance the facial expressions, improve brightness, and manage different things in your content. Moreover, you also get the branded color palettes to use vibrant, light, and dark shades according to your requirements. Similarly, you can also use the premium fonts and stickers. 

The plus point you get from the Picsart Gold Subscription is batch editing. You can upload 50 images at once and edit them simultaneously. In the meantime, if you edit bulky content and don’t have local storage, you can use the Picsart cloud storage to keep your data safe and secure. Picsart provides 20 GB of cloud storage capacity. The Picsart Plus version also gives you access to several stock images and videos. You also get AI Face Retoucing. AI Enhancer, AI Writer, AI Logo Designer, AI Text, AI filters, etc.

Thus, you can also swap faces with AI Replace. Just follow our best guide, “How To Swap Faces With Picsart AI Face Swap Tool,” to assist with your editing. 

How to cancel Picsart Gold Subscription on Picsart App?

  • Open the Picsart application on your smartphone and access the navigation bar icon. 
  • Click on the icon. A menu will appear with several several options. 
  • Click on the “More” and look for the “Settings”.
  • Access the subscription section and check for your active subscriptions. 
  • Once your sight catches all the subscriptions, you can cancel the subscription you want with a single tap. 

How to cancel Picsart Gold Subscription on Picsart Website?

  • Open your web browser and write the address,
  • You will land on the main interface, and the platform will ask you to provide the premium credentials.
  • Once you provide the login details, you can find the Picsart in the premium version. 
  • Locate your profile at the top right corner of the screen. A menu will appear.
  • Select “Settings,” and you will get most of the options. 
  • Check for the option “Payments and Subscriptions”.
  • Click on the “Cancel Subscription” if you want to cancel the Picsart Gold Subscription.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Picsart subscription free?

The Picsart offers several free features in the basic version. However, you can extend your editing experience with the premium features. You can access all the pro features after buying the Picsart Gold Subscription. 

Can you cancel the Picsart Gold Subscription?

You can cancel the Picsart Gold Subscription anytime after just following a few steps. 

How to cancel Picsart Gold Subscription?

Canceling the Picsart Gold Subscription allows you to locate the subscription section from the settings and click on the “Cancel the Subscription” option. 

Final Verdict 

Everyone is wondering how to cancel Picsart Gold Subscription. Of course, canceling the Picsart Gold Subscription is super easy because we have a step-by-step guide. Just follow the same steps as mentioned above and get everything under your budget.

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